Hybrid work environments are on the rise, as people who have been working at home through the pandemic begin transitioning back to the office for some of their workdays. Some people may wonder which tasks should still be done at home versus in-office to keep productivity up. Are there tasks that must be performed by collaborating with others? Do changes need to be done in the office space to enhance collaboration? If some of the team still works remotely, how can they be included?

Becoming organized is the first step to answering these questions and figuring out how productive one can be with a hybrid work environment. Leaders should consider employee responsibilities and decide which ones are best done alone at home and which ones may require the input of others in the office. Understand employees’ work tasks and take the time to prioritize them regarding these two workspaces. Make sure that tasks like meetings, project collaboration, and anything else that involves others’ input are scheduled for in-office days.

The next thing to consider is the employee experience. While policy decisions are being made, like which employees come in on which days and for how long, it’s important not to overlook how to best support these people during the transition, show your concern about their well-being and aid their productivity. Everyone is still under stress, and hybrid working will not be totally easy for anyone. Employees will work better when their leaders are concerned about their needs and health. They will have to adjust to the new schedule, even if they are eager to get back into the office.

Finally, flexibility will still be essential. If policies are created that will promote employee flexibility, be sure employees know about them and understand the policy. Make sure employees are treated fairly, no matter how much time they spend working in the office. Encourage employees to be flexible with each other while they adjust to working in these hybrid settings, with some of them in the office and some of them working from home. A desire to help one another and the team as a whole will be vital.