Utilizing the ‘Rule of 3’ is a technique used to help create engaging and persuasive content. It can be used for any business, no matter what industry you are in. This article will discuss what the rule is and how it can work for your business.

The Rule of Three states that an idea or concept should only be mentioned three times before moving on to something else; this creates a pattern that makes it easier for people to retain information- making them more likely to remember what you have written.

Utilizing the ‘Rule of Three’ is a technique used to help create engaging and persuasive content. It can be used for any business, no matter what industry you are in.

Why Does the Rule of Three Work?

When an idea or concept is repeated three times in a piece of content, it creates a pattern that makes the information easier to retain.

This is because when you say something more than once within your writing, people are less likely to ignore what you have written- even though they may not pick up on this fact themselves. It’s simply human nature that if we hear something multiple times, then eventually, our brain will start to understand and process whatever has been said.

The rule works so well primarily because of how simple it is. When someone reads one sentence about an idea or subject matter, their mind might not catch onto precisely what it was saying at first glance, but after reading through everything again, they will understand.

In addition to this, the idea of a pattern within your writing will make you more familiar with what you are typing and how it should be presented- allowing for better overall content creation.


When it comes to the rule of three, simple is always better. There are several ways to use this technique that can benefit your business, such as reduced cognitive load. When you use many words and complex sentences that people might not understand well, their brain will have to work harder- creating unnecessary confusion within someone’s mind!

This means that less effort needs to be put into typing out content for your audience because they won’t have to think too hard about what has been written down on paper/ online screen. With any writing, there should already be an assumption that the reader knows nothing about what they are reading, so by utilizing this tip, you can help create more effective pieces of content which will have a higher chance of being shared.


This technique can also be used to help align your writing with the ideas and principles contained within classical rhetoric- giving you access to information that has been proven effective for hundreds of years! Using this tactic, you are essentially utilizing a tried and tested method that is still accepted by modern-day businesses today because it works so well.