Many of the best salespeople rely upon in-person pitches. There are many benefits for pitching a business in a real-time and close-proximity environment, but today there isn’t the best idea. It will likely be a while until restrictions and concerns fade. But the show must go on. Making the most of your virtual and remote pitches will require a lot of effort and learning on everyone’s part. But to get an edge and stay ahead of the competition, try out a handful of the following tips to make the most of your next virtual pitch.

Invest in a Good Set-Up

Having a decent audio-visual set-up can make all the difference for making a virtual pitch. You don’t have to use the highest-quality camera or microphone, but having a good streaming studio can make the difference between a good presentation and a bad one. This is particularly true if you prefer to be the focus of your audience’s attention.

Look to the Professionals

Streamers are professional entertainers who put on their performances – from video gaming to baking to make-up walkthroughs and more – for audiences all over the world. There are a few key set-up tips that you should know – tips including:

  • Have your camera at eye level – most cameras have a green light that you should try to focus on for centering and keeping ‘eye-contact.’
  • Stand/Sit about two to three feet away from the camera – and make sure your full head and shoulders are visible.
  • Face a Window – Natural lighting is often best, and you never want to be back-lit since this will make you look like a shadow.

Practice Practice Practice

Whenever you’re giving a business pitch or presentation, you should do everything you can to be as practiced and prepared as possible. Doing run-throughs with peers or friends is the best way to work out any last-minute issues. Make sure your dry-run audience is able to ask questions that you might want to prepare answers for.

Virtual sales and business meetings are the way of the future, and for many are the way of today. Not many are used to the ways that being a virtual presenter can impact your experience, but these tips should provide a decent preparation for what to expect and do to make the most of your virtual sales presentation.