Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It’s tough to come up with an idea that can serve the marketplace. It’s even more difficult to find the resources and information needed to make that idea come to life. That’s one reason mentorship is so key for so many emerging businesspeople. A good mentor can help an entrepreneur avoid many common business mistakes.


Of course, to be effective, mentors need to hold up their end of the bargain. Sometimes, it’s intimidating for a successful person to be a mentor. It can feel overwhelming. That’s why mentors must put some structure into their processes. Just because they’ve been effective mentors in the past, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the right person to help every startup. For everyone to get something out of the arrangement, mentors need to be judicious about who they take on as mentees.


It’s also key for mentors to be very open with the entrepreneurs they seek to help. Sometimes, the most uncomfortable criticisms are the most significant ones. They may need to be made. That’s not to say that mentors should be mean to people entering the business world. But it is important for them to be direct. Sometimes, constructive criticism will help a company make a course-correction that saves it in the long run.


Another issue mentors need to be aware of is expectations. Entrepreneurs are so keen on their ideas that they can practically taste success already. A good mentor can help manage their expectations, particularly when it comes to time. Building a successful startup can take years. It’s a good idea to make sure that entrepreneurs understand.


Communication, as always, is the key. It’s crucial to actually listen, not just wait for an opening to speak. It’s also a great idea to ask questions. Mentors who ask good questions can uncover problems and address them as needed before they spiral out of control. Encouraging mentees to ask questions as they arise is also incredibly important.


Lastly, letting go is a must. A good mentor leads an entrepreneur to water. They can’t make them drink. Everyone in business must make their own decisions and be responsible for them. There’s only so much that even the best mentors can do.