Recent years have seen a general trend toward more entrepreneurship. People across the board are showing a greater interest in starting new businesses. Statistics show that some cities are particularly favorable for self-employed women. A recent report looked at a number of factors to decide what cities are best for female entrepreneurs. These are the cities where women own the highest percentage of businesses and are most likely to be self-employed.


Seattle, Washington

Seattle, home to massive technology companies like Amazon and Microsoft, is also a great place for women entrepreneurs. The percentage of businesses owned by women is much greater than the national average, while the gender income gap is much smaller.


Las Vegas, Nevada

It turns out that Las Vegas is far from a “sin city” when it comes to providing women with lucrative business opportunities. In fact, women business owners on average earn significantly more than their male counterparts.


Orlando, Florida

The low cost of living and the allures of Disney World are far from the only reasons to move to this central Florida city. Orlando also offers a favorable business climate, and especially for women. This is another city where female entrepreneurs earn more than the men.


St. Petersburg, Florida

On the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State, St. Petersburg has conditions similar to those in Orlando. Situated right on Tampa Bay, “Saint Pete” offers a minimal gender earnings gap and a favorable tax structure.


Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert is a city with an inordinate number of female entrepreneurs. The fact that such a high percentage of Gilbert’s women are self-employed suggests that the city’s conditions are favorable for ambitious women looking to strike out on their own.


Scottsdale, Arizona

This is another Arizona city with a remarkable number of female entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, these self-employed women make barely half as much money as male entrepreneurs in the city. This earnings gap is worrying, while the sheer number of female entrepreneurs is definitely a good sign.


Starting your own business is risky, but it’s also a great way to earn independence and set your career on a positive trajectory. As a female entrepreneur, you can maximize your chances of success by choosing one of these favorable cities.