Reading a good book can be the best way to get some new perspective and educate yourself on something you didn’t know much about. This is especially true as an entrepreneur, a career in which you are constantly learning and striving to better yourself. There are dozens if not hundreds of books out there for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and each one offers a different take on what it means to be successful as an entrepreneur. Here are some of the best books for entrepreneurs to read in 2022.

The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur: An Unconventional Success Plan for the Highly Creative, Secretly Sensitive, and Wildly Ambitious – Christine Kane

The Soul-Sourced entrepreneur is a book for people who are passionate about sharing their talents and experiences without the hustle and bustle of using aggressive business tactics. Author Christine Kane helps entrepreneurs find their passion and develop effective strategies that will allow them to succeed without losing their original purpose.

Intropreneur: Strategies to Build Your Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur – Jen Jones

In her book, Jen Jones explains how people who are introverts can be successful as entrepreneurs. She uses her own experiences and skills to help others find their inner entrepreneur. Jones also draws on her own experiences and lessons to help people develop the necessary skills to succeed in their business.

The Minimalist Entrepreneur: How Great Founders Do More with Less – Sahil Lavingia

In his book, Sahil Lavingia explains how great entrepreneurs can do more with less and how they can achieve their goals without compromising their principles. He also talks about his own startup, Gumroad, and how he decided to start from scratch.

You Don’t Need This Book: Entrepreneurship in the Connected Era – Ben McDougal

Ben McDougal believes that entrepreneurs should not wait for opportunities to come their way, instead, they should seize them. In his book, he offers a variety of strategies and tactics that will help people succeed in the connected era. This is a great resource for people who are looking to start their own business.

Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned From Trauma and Triumph – Chad Sanders

It’s important that all leaders and entrepreneurs stay true to themselves. In his book, Chad Sanders talks about the experiences of African-Americans in primarily white spaces. He also shares the stories of other Black leaders who have successfully overcome adversity by learning to value themselves and the power that comes with it.