Everyone nowadays wants to be self-employed and operate their businesses. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this. Only a half makes it after five years, and only a third past ten years. How do you ensure you succeed? Getting a mentor to guide you through has proven success. Here are some reasons why you need a mentor.

1. They help with statistics

Most entrepreneurs who do not incorporate mentors in their businesses end up failing. Mentors help to change the equation by bringing in the experience they have regarding the business. It may take years with many costs to gain valuable experience to run a business, but you learn the experience immediately with a mentor. Whether running a small or large business, any hurdle will be met by the mentor’s strategies and experience. With a mentor, you avoid costly mistakes, make better decisions, become more proficient, and improve your business.

2. They Provide invaluable support and motivation

Creating a startup means you don’t have anyone else at the top but you. You don’t have any employee motivation or engagement programs vital for happiness and success at work. A mentor helps fill this void by providing motivation, support, encouragement, and validation towards running the business.

3. Mentors offer accountability

When running your business, you might not know if you are heading right or achieving your goals, especially if you don’t have anyone to check. Mentors help in defining critical goals and guide them to ensure they are met. They help businesses be accountable for such goals. Besides meeting the goals, they help bring out the culture of self-reliance and self-confidence in running the business.

4. They help widen your network

Mentors come with experience and a wide network of clients, employees, and other people you may need for your business. They bring invaluable people who can help you when needed, depending on the situation, through their contacts.

Where can one find a Mentor?

You can find mentors in different places, depending on your business. Some of these places include non-profit organizations, local networking events, Small Business Development Centers, women business centers, business veterans, Professional and trade associations, and social media sites, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Getting a mentor isn’t a hard task for someone who wants their business to succeed. You only need to get the right mentor per your business plan to guide you in essential areas. The right mentor will help you make the right choices and set up plans to achieve your business goals.