Many companies spend a lot of money training their employees only for some of them to quit right after they were hired. Fortunately, there are some ways to boost retention with new hires that all companies can easily utilize.

Create A Connection With Them

In order to keep new hires from quitting, managers need to make sure that they feel like they have a connection with the company. They should feel welcomed and encouraged from the very start. Many new hires quit because they feel overwhelmed and as if they don’t have any support from their superiors and coworkers. This is why it’s imperative that managers make sure that new hires are getting all of the information that they need and that they don’t feel isolated just because they are new. It can be helpful for new hires to be paired with an employee that’s been at the company for a while. This employer can act as a mentor to them, and they can offer them the support that they need to feel as if they are actually an integral part of the company.

Personalize Their Experience During Training

No new hire wants to feel like they are just a number. They want to have confidence in the fact that they are valuable and needed. Because of this, managers should make sure that they personalize their experience during training. They should try to get to know the new hire on a personal level, and they should do some things that show them that they want them to be there. This can include taking them to lunch at their favorite fast-food restaurant or leaving them a hand-written note on their desk to let them know that they are happy that they are now a part of the company. By doing all of these things, the new hire will be less likely to quit.

There are quite a few reasons why new hires quit during or after training. Unfortunately, this can equate to a lot of wasted money for a company. However, there are some things that managers can do to lessen the likelihood of a new hire quitting shortly after they have been hired.