There may come a time when you must manage a team remotely. When this happens, many worry about a hindrance to productivity and not being an effective leader. In order to still be a great leader remotely, it’s important to follow these tips:

Prioritize Communication

Much like if you were working in the office, it’s important to have effective communication. It’s imperative to always be ready to answer any question, comment, or concern in a timely manner. Make sure your team can contact you through email, video calls, or over the phone. It’s imperative to be able to speak to your team in real-time. This is necessary for answering questions and being able to check in on progress to ensure the work is being done. 

Give Them the Right Tools

In order to work effectively and be able to communicate properly, make sure they have reliable tools. Make sure none of their conference calls are dropping or their video calls won’t stop buffering, because it makes it hard to get their work done. Be sure your remote team to have reliable tools in order to successfully complete their professional tasks. If they raise concerns over the quality of the tools they are given, be sure to take their complaints seriously and try to make it a hassle-free work experience. 

Tell Them What is Expected

It’s easy for them to feel a little more relaxed than they would if you and your team were in the office. While working from home can have its perks, it’s important to always maintain professionalism and ensure they are working up to your expectations as a leader. As a leader, it is imperative to set the rules of when they need to follow during the workday and how much work needs to be done. By laying out all of your expectations as a leader, your employees know what is expected of them.

Trust Your Team

While keeping up with your team to ensure their work is being completed, it’s also imperative to trust that they will do the job they are paid to do and follow the guidelines you have laid out for them. Micromanaging over projects or checking in too much can often have the opposite effect and lead to less work being done. Always trust your employees and give them their independence to do their work productively and successfully.