Small businesses are often trying to accomplish the same tasks and meet the same goals as larger businesses, but have to do so with way fewer people. Because of this, small businesses need to be staffed with the most efficient employees to ensure those goals are met. There are four types of employees in particular that are necessary for all small businesses: one who’s passionate, one who’s agile, a team player and an entrepreneur.


The one who’s passionate

Passion is not something that can be taught, but it is one of the most significant contributors to a great employee. An employee that is passionate about your company is one who will always work their hardest to make things successful. A passionate employee is one who is always coming up with new ideas and isn’t afraid to try something outside of the box. Hire an employee who is both passionate about your company and your industry in general.


The agile one

An agile employee is one that doesn’t mind filling a variety of roles. They’re game to take on any task, big or small, inside their scope of work or not. Because small businesses operate with a smaller amount of employees, they need people who are willing to take on additional responsibilities to ensure everyone gets done. They’ll also be open to dealing with changing schedules and demands.


The teammate

A team player is crucial in a small business. In the beginnings of a business, the big picture is what truly matters. A team player will help their coworkers to succeed by going above and beyond to help them when needed. Their commitment to their coworkers will lead to your business achieving its goals. Small businesses depend on the work of the team as a whole, and a teammate will ensure everyone is working well.


The entrepreneur

Employees with an entrepreneur mindset will bring new ideas and unique solutions to the table. Entrepreneurs thrive on innovation and are critical thinkers that are masters of tackling problems. Having a few entrepreneur-inclined employees on your team will make it easier to tackle anything that is thrown at you. While entrepreneurs can sometimes tend to be individual thinkers and not work well with others, look for those that have an entrepreneur mindset but is open to collaboration with others.