Are you developing a strategy for better business in 2019? As you prepare for the upcoming year, here are the top trends to keep in mind, and tips on how to best take advantage of them.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising, especially personalized advertising, continues to be an important aspect of business. Marketing will only become more personal over the upcoming year. Customers have now come to expect direct communication, high-value content, and individually tailored advertising campaigns. Email personalization is expected to become an even more popular marketing option. Personalized emails make customers feel as if the email was drafted especially for them.

Social media advertisements have increased in popularity. As the number of advertisers increases, prices are expected to rise. Simply posting photos and updates are now a thing of the past. Now it’s possible to engage with users live in real time.

Use advertising techniques such as email personalization wisely.


Artificial intelligence is already transforming the business world. There are many opportunities to use AI, including finding clients, solving marketing problems, and understanding more about the content in which a customer is interested. AI has already been successful in areas like a Google search that produces personalized results.

Stay up to date with technology and look for ways to use artificial intelligence in your business.


Traditional banking is being replaced with digital banking. Accessibility is important. Banking can now be done from anywhere in the world on personal devices such as cell phones. Users are expecting faster service online.

The internet has transformed traditional banking. Prioritize speed and optimizing the latest banking trends to keep your customers happy.


As technology usage is increasing, cyber attacks are also becoming more common. Many internet accessible devices are unsecured, and easy access to the internet and malware means even unskilled individuals have the potential to cause significant harm. Companies recognize the dangers of cyber attacks, and as a result are investing in better security.

Be aware of new security risks, and invest in better security to combat them.

Staying on top of trends is crucial to your business’s success over the next year. You’ll need to adapt to updated advertising techniques, changes in technology, faster banking, and an increase in security flaws. Keeping these trends in mind will help set your business apart from all the others.