There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. In this ultra-competitive world of startups and entrepreneurial ventures, it’s vital to not only stay abreast of current trends but also do research in order to predict upcoming styles or crazes. Current trends shouldn’t be dismissed simply because of a competitive market or because you don’t know how they will withstand the test of time – they might evolve or they might go by the wayside. Regardless, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what’s happening today because it might serve you as a way to predict tomorrow. 

Technology has found its way into nearly every aspect of our lives, but the way we interact and use it has changed. There is much more access to our information, and it’s provided willingly by us. Data acquisition is the most valuable behind-the-scenes commodity there is, and companies will pay high prices to learn about our shopping habits, our health, our daily routines, even our DNA. The idea of disruptive innovation is the latest buzzword these days. Not to be confused with the negative connotations of non-industry, disruption in the tech and manufacturing sector refers to a new way of doing things. 

One trend that is going to keep gaining traction is the Internet of Things (IoT). During this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, even factories themselves will see a change from “dumb” to “smart” technology. In one example, stand-alone wheeled modules, each with a specific task, are able to be moved along an assembly line to do their particular job. In the future, they will be self-guided, depending on where thy need to be positioned during an assembly process. 

In stark contrast to the above, in today’s busy world, there is also a huge movement around the idea of self-care. Consumers are now spending trillions of dollars in this sector. Countless forms of meditation and mindfulness apps and podcasts exist, and there are a variety of cure-all trends, from CBD products to other global wellness products. Much of the stressors of daily life can be traced to time spent online, so an upcoming trend is to install social media trackers and then self-regulate when you feel you might be getting too much exposure.