If you talk to any successful leader, they’ll likely tell you that they wish they had made fewer mistakes in their early days. It can be easy to go into a leadership position thinking you’ll be okay, but once you hit your first road bump, it can be rather disheartening. A great way to improve your leadership abilities and make sure you’re both growing the business while also your employees, is to read a few great leadership books. Many of the world’s greatest leaders have put their own experiences into writing in order to help the next generation of leaders in their own endeavors. Here are some of the best leadership books available in 2022.

Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change – Stacy Abrams

In this book, Stacey Abrams, who is an incredibly prominent politician in the US, shares her experiences and lessons learned from years of working to register African-Americans to vote. This is a great leadership book for leaders who are outside the traditional white male-dominated hierarchy.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Daniel H Pink

According to Daniel H Pink, many leaders are not focused on the factors that motivate their employees and instead rely on extrinsic motivators such as money. In his book, he explains how leaders can influence their employees in order to produce effective results. This is a relatively easy read and can help people improve their motivation.

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t – Simon Sinek

Sinek’s second book, which is about the best leaders, explains how they make sacrifices in order to ensure that their teams thrive. Similar to how a leader in the Marines is formed, an office needs a leader who puts the needs of their team above their own.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

This book is a great read for anyone who’s feeling weary and unproductive due to the fast-paced environment they’re in. Greg McKeown is a renowned business strategist who uses strategies designed to lead in competitive environments. In his book, he explains the criteria that leaders should consider when it comes to choosing what should be considered essential work.

The First 90 Days – Michal D Watkins

One of the most common challenges that new leaders face is transitioning into a new role. In his book, Michael Watkins shares the secrets of how to make these transitions as smooth as possible. He also offers a variety of checklists and self-assessments to help new leaders avoid common mistakes.