Hiring within is something that many companies strive for. It’s easy to see the many benefits when management selects a candidate who already has roots planted within the company. First, this looks great to other employees. It shows them that if they work hard, they too can get promoted. This also shows employees that management believes in them. There are many benefits to a company as well when someone within is hired.

Knowing Their Skillset, Shortcomings

When a company hires from within, they know exactly what they’re getting in an employee. Management will be able to see concrete examples of benefits a person has brought to the company. Have they gone above and beyond? Have they been nominated for awards? Are they consistently on time? When a company hires from within, it’s like having a crystal ball. An employee’s skills and what they need to work on have already been made clear. This is a great opportunity for management to really work with a person and take them to the next level within the company.

Proven Loyalty When Hiring Within

When hiring from within, a person has already proven their loyalty to the company. They do this by showing up to work each day on time and putting in the effort to do a great job. Management will be able to see this when researching the best candidates. Sometimes, hiring a new person is a gamble. Unless under contract, there’s really no guarantee that a person will keep showing up to work for the long haul. When hiring within, a person has already proven that depending on their years within the company.

Knowing the Ins and Outs of the Company

There is less overall training required when hiring from within. That leaves more time to really go over job expectations and carving out a path that allows the person to thrive in their new role. When hiring from within, the person already knows the company and what it stands for.


Overall, hiring from within will always come with benefits. For many companies, it’s the simple route because it lets a company see exactly what they’re getting ahead of time. There’s not much of a risk which can be a good thing in the business world. If someone is working hard and proving themselves, it might just be time for a company to give them their big break within.