When you look at successful leaders you’ll typically find multiple common characteristics amongst them all. These people are often responsible for making difficult decisions and easing the worries of their teams while being a source of courage and motivation in difficult situations, so it makes sense that they all have similar traits that help them do these things. These traits are good to be aware of as they’re all typically skills you can grow and then use to help yourself become a better leader. Here are a few characteristics commonly found in successful leaders.

Good Communication Skills

Having excellent communication abilities is key to being a successful leader. Leaders need to be able to understand not only when they should be speaking up but when they need to be listening to their team. Great leaders are capable of clearly explaining organizational strategies and goals as well as getting their expectations clearly across to their team members. On top of this, they’re good at communicating at various levels such as large groups, one on one meetings and through electronic means such as a phone or email. 

Having Accountability

The most successful leaders are those who hold themselves accountable for the mistakes that they make as well as the mistakes that occur within the organization. They’re also good at making sure their team is held accountable for their actions. If someone does a good job, they make sure that that person is recognized for doing good work. If they make a mistake, they work with their team members to fix things and ultimately improve. Successful leaders understand that if their team fails, they as a leader have ultimately failed as well.

They Have Vision

It’s important that leaders have a vision for their organization and team. All successful leaders have some sort of vision for the future that they use as a goalpost for their team. Successful leaders understand that hitting these goals often requires time, hard work, and strategy among other things and that there must be a fine balance of them all in order to keep the organization stable while promoting growth. When leaders are visionaries they’re able to that sometimes you have to take risks as change is constantly happening and having a fresh outlook may help you your company achieve all of its goals.